Mischa Abalakov

Mischa is a producer/engineer, songwriter, and musician from Vancouver, BC. His first step into music was in middle school playing the clarinet in a concert band. As he started high school, his interest shifted towards the guitar. He spent his days teaching himself to play, and learning and recording cover tunes. A couple of years later, he took lessons from Hanh Nguyen at the Vancouver Academy of Music and completed his grade five RCM exam for classical guitar. Later that year he took lessons from Rob Montgomery, a popular local blues guitarist.

In 2010, Mischa started his post-secondary education at Nimbus School Of Recording Arts, taking the sound engineering and music production courses, during which time, he took up opportunities being a runner at various Vancouver studios including Vogville, The Armoury, and Mushroom Studios, and working for producers, engineers, and musicians such as Winston Hauschild, Shawn Cole, Randy Staub, Warne Livesy, and Matt Good.

Mischa's third band, Sonic Outcast, picked up where Decognition had left off. Retaining two other members, and adding one from Full Intelligence Mode, the band wrote furiously, preparing for their debut album.The following year, he co-produced the band's first full length release 'Reason To Be' with Vancouver based producer Garth Richardson of Rage Against The Machine and The Red Hot Chili Peppers fame. In the midst of making a record, he continued his education at Nimbus, enrolling in the Music Business program.

In late 2013, he stepped back into the studio. This time as full-time assistant to the likes of Dane Deviller, Jeff Dawson, Mike James, Paul Shatto, and Mark Lazeski. He continues this position today, as well as working on new recording projects and developing BlackCove Music Production.

Previous Work


Full Intelligence Mode

Sonic Outcast

My Little Pony

Vaudville Vagabonds

Severed Conscience (EP)
MindLock (EP)

This Shit Is All Up In The Cosmos (EP)

Truth Or Consequence (EP)
Reason To Be
The Vice (Single)

Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks

*current project*

Writer, Producer, Engineer, Mix
Writer, Producer, Engineer, Mix

Producer, Engineer, Mix

Writer, Producer, Engineer, Mix
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Producer, Engineer, Mix

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