BlackCove Studios

Located in the beatiful Queen Charlotte Heights on Bowen Island, BlackCove Studios will be a full scale project studio. Situated on a 1.3 acre private lot, the only distraction will be the surrounding nature and brilliant views.

With a medium sized control room, there will be plenty of room for clientele to relax in comfort and listen to great music. The small live room will have a focus on versatility and be designed to accomodate a full size drum kit. The attached iso-booth may be used to house a singer or amplifiers.

The 24 input digital console by Presonus assures that all your recording needs will be met. Teamed the latest DAW software, the recording setup is up to the most modern standards of sound quality. There is an ample selection of gear to meet all of your creative desires.

Amenities such as pubs, cafes, and other shopping destinations around Snug Cove are a mere 5 minute drive (15 minute walk) away. There are many trails and even a public beach nearby.

Recording Rig

Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2
Presonus Firepod
MOTU MIDI Express 128
Genelec 6010 Nearfield Monitors
AWAI NSX-A888 Main Speakers
Toshiba SC-665 Power Amp
2x Marantz MA500 Power Amps
Custom Rackmount PC
Windows 8.1
Protools 10 HD
Cubase 4


2x Shure Beta 58a
Shure sm58
2x Audio Technica at2020
Audio Technica at2021
Audix D6
Audix D4
2x Audix D2
Audix i5
Apex 165


Godin Freeway-SA
Godin ACS-SA
Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Ibanez SR-700
Yamaha CG 100a
Fender Champ Lap Steel

Hughes and Kettner Triamp MKII
Hughes and Kettner VC 412 A 30

Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble
Boss TR-2 Tremolo
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone
Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb
Boss SD-1 Overdrive
Boss FV-500H
Danelectro Fish & Chips 7-Band EQ
Danelectro Surf & Turf Compressor

Shure PGXD Wireless


Korg Triton
Yamaha P-120
Axon AX-100
Roland TD-20
Native Instruments Komplete 9 Ultimate


From voiceovers and overdubs, to full band recording sessions, we can accomodate your recording needs.


We can help bring the magic touch to your masterpiece. Anything from a single song, to a full album.


Every song needs it's final polishing. Come to BlackCove, we will bring your art to life.